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to Live Well is to Work Well

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Block 1: Energy


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There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)



In this block you will practice energy exercises:

1. Grounding
2. Bamboo
3. Energy combing
4. Shaking
5. Qi Balance
6. Qi Flow
7. Activity Card new
Closing, and bow for the now

Everything in the universe and everything that we can think of is a manifestation of energy or life-energy. Energy flows with the blood and with the energy channels (Meridians, connected with the organs) through the body, and is the source of every movement, protects the body, transforms food in usable matter, and warms the body.

Kim Eng:
"Life happens, all of its own. We only need to get out of the way. We are already whole human beings. Be still and allow life to unfold. Whatever form of healing you need in this moment, let it happen, in the stilness. Stilness is the true healer.“

qiThe etymological explanation of the qi ideogram in the traditional form 氣 is “steam (气) rising from rice (米) as it cooks”.

Diaphragm: big dome-shaped muscle under lungs and heart (used with abdominal/belly breathing).
Dantian (lower) of Tan t'ien: Energy center, about three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.
Atlas & Axis: 1st (C1) en 2nd (C2) vertebra of the spine.

The Energy poster: download



A description of the energetic layers and energy anatomy of the body:

  • Physical: The physical body
  • Etheric: The energy field associated with the physical body
  • Emotional: The energy field in charge of emotions and feelings
  • Mental: Your thoughts and intellect
  • Spiritual: Your connection with spirit and the divine

The Aura contains all these energy layers. The Meridians, serve as an energy highway system throughout the
body, and the Chakras act as energy centers in the body. A central column of energy runs through the body connecting the chakras.
In a healthy body, energy flows along the meridians and chakras. When there is an energy block, dis-ease can occur.

Life force

Prana (Yoga), Chi or Qi (Traditional Chinese Medicine: TCM), Ki (Japanese Kampo system), Dosha (Ayurvedic medicine), Hawaiian culture (Mana), Homeopathic resonance (Homeopathy), or subtle energy, are all words for the basic life force.

Being while doing

In the end life energy is (totally!) not about thinking it over, concepts, form, descriptions or theories, or believing it or not.
Do the exercises and observe the effect (of working with energy) yourself!


Chakra Placement ~ Affirmation

  • Crown 7th: just above the top of the head ~ I know
  • 3rd Eye 6th: in the center of the forehead ~ I see
  • Throat 5th: at the base of the throat ~ I speak
  • Heart 4th: in the center of the chest ~ I love
  • Solar Plexus 3rd: between your diaphragm (the bottom of your rib cage) and navel ~ I can
  • Sacral 2nd: between the navel and pubic bone ~ I feel
  • Root/Base 1st: between the anus and the genitals (perineum) ~ I have

Listen to the Tibetan bowls with sounds matching the chakra's here (or mouseover the images):

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The 4th Chakra

The chakra of the heart. Opens to the element air, the spaciousness that really allows you to expand. We work on this chakra largely through the breath, through expanding the chest, and through transcending the ego of the third chakra, in order to get beyond ourselves enough to really embrace another.


Chakra Sounds!

crown 3rdeye throat heart solarplexus sacral root



Classically, there are seven major chakras (energy centers) that correspond to the structure of the nervous system. The mind and the body are brought together by the life force running through you.
Chakra is an Indian Sanskrit word that means spinning wheel of energy, vortex, or energy center. The human body has multiple chakras that transform information between the different levels of the body, including the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.





1. Grounding

Feel the connection with the earth. Hold your hands, paGoto your Treasurylms down, in front of you, above your feet, knees slightly bent.

“Put one's foot down, keep one's feet on the ground."



2. Be like Bamboo

  • Bend but don't break
  • Goto your TreasuryBe flexible yet firmly rooted
  • Remember: What looks weak is strong
  • Be always ready
  • Unleash your power to spring back
  • Find wisdom in emptiness
  • Commit to (continuous) growth
  • Express usefulness through simplicity

Kensho Furuya:
"The bamboo in its simplicity expresses its usefulness. Man should do the same."





Bamboo Tree

Listen to "Be like Bamboo":

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  • bamboeYou may wish to close your eyes
  • Direct your attention inward
  • Become aware of your breath, in … out
  • Don't try to change it
  • Feel your abdomen rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale
  • Now become aware of your posture
  • Stand with your feet hip width apart
  • Feet parallel, knees unlocked/slightly bend
  • Feel your feet on the ground
  • Relax your arms and shoulders
  • Imagine a bamboo tree: strong, flexible, hollow
  • Allow yourself to become empty of thoughts, judgments, opinions, emotions, stories
  • Return to the stillness within
  • Imagine the crown of the head lifted towards the heavens
  • Notice any adjustments of your head alignment and that your head is now perfectly balanced over your spine (atlas-axis)
  • Relax your jaws
  • Feel your head as floating in space
  • Draw your tailbone down towards the earth
  • Feel your entire spine begin to lengthen
  • Empty yourself of thoughts and emotions
  • Become present through your breath
  • Now gently bring your hands to the Dantian, the lower energy centre



3. Energy combing

Clear and refresh your energy, and find a better balance, Goto your Treasurywhile "combing" with your hands down the front of your body, down each side, down your back, and then down each arm, repeating several times for each part.




4. Shaking

Helps to release joint and body tension and letting go. Energy is activGoto your Treasuryated and starts flowing again: shake like a child.
First you shake your right arm, then your right leg, repeat on the other side, then shake your entire body.




5. Qi Balance

Re-balance seven energy-centers, from your tailbone to the crown oGoto your Treasuryf your head.
Hold the right arm overhead and slowly move the hand of the other arm into the position of the chakra's, one by one. Breath into each chakra. Breath out.
Start with the root chakra, end with the crown chakra.




6. Qi Flow

Let energy flow again from heaven to earth, through the spinGoto your Treasurye.
Place your hands together as if in prayer, and while breathing out move them from your heart to your stomach area, then make a circulair movement up, while breathing in, widen the circle each time going up.




7. Activity Card


When you feel like you can use this Activity Card.
Print it Naar de Treasuryon A6 size (or 10x15cm, preferably without borders). Do not fill it in in advance ... it is not a to-do list. Use the card when you are really going to do or have done the activity (something you wanted to do already for a long time, you already know that it is good for you, but you somehow didn't do it yet). Examples of activities: sports, walking, yoga, shaking, work, something creative, meditation, massage, visiting a museum, exercises in this workshop, relaxing, eating healthy, ... You know it better than anybody else!
As a suggestion you can use one Card, add new activities with pen on-the-go, until you filled in 9 activities. Fill one circle (the circles behind the activity description) with pen when you are finished doing an activity, until you have at least one circle for each activity, and keep the full Cards!
Tip: there are no big or small, major or minor activities. And ... doing an activity once is just as beautiful!

Activity Card

Activiteiten kaartje

The Activity Card: download



Be like bamboo, and observe: let go of sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions, be in the now.

qiBring together Yin (your open left hand) en Yang (the fist of your right hand), and bow for the now.

NextCompliment yourself

Give yourself a big compliment!

And keep practicing. Small changes make the difference!
Regularly, during day-to-day life and business!


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