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to Live Well is to Work Well

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Workshop Well-being & Mindfulness

Intro: Being welcome

Change the world, start with yourself.

What is well-being & quality of life:
Well-being is determined by all kind of factors (in quality & quantity), like for example: Panda eatingwhat you eat  (You are what you eat, Der Mensch ist, was er ißt) and drink, and what you consume (taking the well-being of others into account: humans, animals, plants, the planet, anything that lives), how you move (travel, sports), how you sleep and relax, how you relate to work and free time, your social life, and how often you are in nature.

Eckhart Tolle:
“Quality of Life is: How present you are in what you do.”

In the workshop you practice to turn off the automatic pilot (for example reacting to fast caused by anger, resistance or escaping), by doing selected exercises.
Being aware in a mild way of what is presenting itself in this moment, without being carried away in the stream of thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations.
It is not about the goal, but about the journey itself, being in the moment. Seeing the now. Being soft towards yourself. Being welcome.
Like this you increase your feeling of well-being and the quality of life!

Supportive with: sleeplessness, nervousness, health, (mourning) process, adiction, compulsive behaviour, aging, disablement, work problems, burn-out, transition, stages of life, depression, communication.

Purpose of the workshop
Improve quality of life & well-being. Being in the now. Live aware and mindful. By practicing to observe being in the here and now, from moment to moment. Being welcome.


Rules during and after exercising

  • The exercises are pointers (different doors) to space, silence, being in the now
  • Always start with a short Bamboo exercise!
  • While exercising keep returning to: caring attention, relaxing, feel into
  • As if your life depends on it
  • Be mild and friendly to yourself
  • Choose what fits with you ... you don't have to do everything!
  • There is no right or wrong, don't judge, don't make it special, there's your "way", your path
  • Be respectful with your own possibilities and boundaries
  • Don't: to much, to often or compulsive exercising!
  • Do: practice regularly, preferably daily! Integrate in your daily life
  • Drink enough water to detoxify
  • Are in you a crisis right now? Wait with the exercises and mindfulness until everything calms down again
  • Changes may happen: if needed find a coach or support from someone you can trust

Louise Hay:
“I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”

Eileen Caddy:
“There is time for everything but you have to make the time. When the desire to make time is great enough, you will allow nothing to stand in the way.”



  • We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside regardless of what is happening outside
  • We can let go of the past and of the future
  • We are students and teachers to each other, regardless of age or experience
  • We do not give unsolicited advice
  • We can always perceive ourselves and others as either extending love or giving a call for help
  • We respect the confidentiality of what each of us shares in group, recognizing that this is important for maintaining the group as a place of safety and trust

Gerald G. Jampolsky:
“Love is letting go of fear.”


Guided Tour

Before reading on you can watch the Guided Tour:


Treasury list

The workshop is divided in 4 blocks with more than 25 short (1-5 minute) and longer (6-30 minutes) exercises: Energy, Breathing, Massage & Meditation.
You can use the block buttons to navigate between blocks.

show timePanda, your mindfulness guide, will show you how much time each exercise will take.
Panda guideYou can mouse over her to listen to the Mindfulness Bell ...!
Or listen here:

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Panda will also advice you to stand up Panda standing or sit down Panda sitting while doing an exercise.

newEvery month new exercises are added.
The exercises are not meant to add experience, as you can also read in "Experience of Awakening"!

While walking through the exercises you can gather a number of exercises (8 exercises in total, 2 per block) that you find the most effective, that suit you in this moment of time, and that you can use in your day to day life, to improve your feeling of well-being and quality of life, by being ... more observant and thus more mindful and in the now: this collection of exercises is your treasury list of favorite exercises. You can navigate there with the Treasury button.

Each exercise has its own unique icon, used in the blocks, and in the Treasury (click on it to go to the exercise!):
Go to exerciseGo to exerciseGo to exercise

At any time you can leave the workshop and go to the Homepage with the Home button.

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Experience of Awakening

Awakening is not an experience as such. When you experience something new it is added to your life (life experience). But awakening is definitely not a life experience, it is the opposite of something being added to you, something is being removed, something that was heavy and looked substantial dissolves, it leaves behind something that is not entirely new, but has been obscured before.
Spiritual seekers are looking for a spiritual experience as if it is something that can be added to you. That's not how it is, in that sense it is a negative experience. It's a loss rather than a gain, it's a beautiful loss, but in the transitional moment of loss it can still be painful, because it's a kind of death. So you lose something, but you gain your essential reality, it's not added on. The important thing is not to look for an experience, not to look for an adding onto me, a want to have more experiences ...
It's a big minus-experience, not a plus-experience.

Excerpt from a part of an interview with Eckhart Tolle: Eckhart's Experience of Awakening


Block 1: Energy

Everything in the universe and everything that we can think of is a manifestation of energy or life-energy. Energy flows with the blood and with the energy channels (Meridians, connected with the organs) through the body, and is the source of every movement, protects the body, transforms food in usable matter, and warms the body.

Click on the posters to enlarge, then right-click to download

Block 2: Breathing

Breath is energy. Life. Inspiration. Charging. Relaxing. With breathing you can charge or discharge your energy level. Breathing deep is feeling deep.


Block 3: Massage

A good massage meets one of the most fundamental needs: being touched warm, respectful and loving. In an ambiance of respect and acceptation (for and of yourself) there is space to relax, and feel what is.


Block 4: Meditation

'Learning' to meditate is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself in this life. By meditating you discover your true nature, and thus find the balance and trust to live well and die well. Meditating regularly is the road to peace, awareness and new insight. In the silence of meditation you catch a glimpse of being.

NextCompliment yourself

Give yourself a big compliment!

And keep practicing. Small changes make the difference!
Regularly, during day-to-day life and business!


The eMindfulness Workshop is free.
Support further development (exercises and information) of the eWorkshop with for example 5 euro, more is welcome too! Payment is done be using a secure iDeal or PayPal connection.

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